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Read Less, More TV..

D: Can I shoot her? S: Not in public.
welcome to my journal, feel free to browse around and see what's what. also i would love for you to leave comments to any posts that tickle your fancy, that way i know what people who watch my journal want to see more of. or if you have any suggestions as to what i don't post enough of, just send a message to my inbox. on livejournal you will know me as lillianporter, but the my name is renae and you are more than welcome to call me that. i am twenty-two years old and my star sign is cancer...which i've never been to fond of myself, it has a negative connotation i'm sure no one likes. firstly, this is my personal journal, but i use it first and foremost as my graphics journal. but because it is my personal journal my ramble do come up but they are far and few between.
i follow way too may fandoms to actually list them, the best way to suss out what i am about it to check out my tags. credit where credit is due. that's a good motto to go by on livejournal. now i don't expect credit but i do not want anyone taking my work and saying it is theirs when asked, or directly claiming they made it. and with that said i credit everyone by listing them in my memories under tutorials and resources! i also memorize what i use on my deviantart account. i do not think i have missed anything, but if you think so you can email me, or send a message to my inbox.
i won't tolerate any abuse, if you have something constructive to say then i want to hear it, but if you just want to spout bullshit because you don't like something, then keep it to yourself, your comments will not be welcome here and i will delete them. if i do recieve anymore abuse, i will friend's lock my journal which means others will miss out and i do not want this, do not force my hand.
These links are for those sites off livejournal and off deviantart that require credit for the resources i've downloaded and used as well as sites i find interesting or useful.