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Question: In the actual film there is quite a few massive scenes, first of all the wedding. That kiss went on forever, what was it like filming that?
Rob: Incredibly strange. Its really like you’re not gonna cut yet? It’s kind of…but then also having the appluase at the end as well, it’s like what is happening? I mean that was incredibly strange. I mean watching- I watched it last night for the first time I was like this is insanely long, like a three minute long kiss. It’s like this would actually be uncomfortable in reality. You know, kind of get friction burn.

Question: I start to feel a bit like ‘oh god’, how many takes did you do?
Rob: Umm, I think with that just one, it’s like you really haven’t got enough? [laughes] Like we missed it, we forgot to record it.
Question: And onto the other massive scene. What was it like going into that kind of hugely anticipated sex scene everyone’s been waiting for?
Rob: Umm I mean, I was, however vain it is, I was just only thinking about if I looked like I had a six-pack or whatever [laughes] like…umm yeah that was. ‘Cause this was the only one I really worked out for and…also you used to be able to see my butt in it. I never say butt…ass…I know butt, it sounded weird. Umm yeah and so I was also a little bit embarassed by that. [laughes] You can’t see it anymore it got cut out…
Question: It got cut out?
Rob: [laughes]


edward tutorial


1. first step, i took the original picture and cropped the image and adjust the canvas size to make the image square. (result)

2. this image lacks colour and is very washed out, so i used a hue/saturation adjustment layer. (result)
hue: 0
saturnation: 52
lightness: 0
set to normal 100%

3. the image needs to be lightened. i used a curves layers to lighten and bring out reds, greens and blues. (result)

rgb: 122:165, 178:204
red: 112:143
green: 117:137
blue: 115:141
set to normal 100%

4. i wanted to brighten it even more. i duplicated the hue/saturantion from step 2 and brough it to the top layer. i set it to color, opactiy of 51%.(result)

5. now i want to correct the colour and highlight others. i did this by using a selective colouring adjustment layer.(result)

cyans: 99/30/-100/0
blue: 100/0/-100/0
whites: 72/0/0/-38 (adjust the cyan setting to get a blue highlight)
neutrals: 0/0/0/9
blacks: 0/0/0/23

6. copy merge. to do this, create a new layer and press SHIFT + CTRL + Alt + E. adjust the position of your image to where you would like it on the canvas.

7. duplicate your base and using the smudge tool, smudge the background to cover the whole canvas. (result)

8. using a layer mask, erase the background covering the subject of the icon. usually i zoom in 500% to get an accurate cut out.(result)

9. sharpen. select a colour a few shades lighter than your background. i used #CDE3ED. using a soft round brush, go over some of the dark areas of the background. i set the layer to screen, opactiy 100% and fill 47%. (result)

10. this time, i used the same method with the colour black. (result)

11. using a 9px round soft brush, i outlined edward's shoulders. i used a gaussian blur, start with a low radius and increase it until the soft white lines look fuzzy and glow. (result)